Different types of internet technology are currently used which are divided into wired and wireless.

Here are some common internet connection methods:

Dial up :

The internet connection that is established with the ISP using a public switched telephone network (PSTN) using a normal phone line through a dial up medium is called a dial-up connection.  Users connect to the Internet via a special number provided by the ISP.  Dial-up connections are often very slow.  So DSL or cable medium is used.


The DSL Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) system transmits digital signals through local telephone lines.  A DSL filter at the user end separates the high frequency wave.  As a result, telephone and computer can be used at the same time.  To use a DSL connection the user needs a DSL mode and a subscription.

Cable Internet :

This is actually a kind of broadband service that uses only infrastructure.  Local cable TV companies provide this service.  It is very similar to DSL system.


4G is an acronym for 4th Generation associated with mobile devices or mobile telecommunications management.  The 4G system protocol is HighSpeed ​​Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) which allows you to transfer large amounts of data simultaneously.  If your mobile phone supports 4G, then you can get 4G service through ISP.


The protocol used to spread broadband services across the city in wireless management through a variety of devices (World Wide Interoperability for Microwave Access).  Its service length is much longer (many kilometers wide) and is introduced where DSL or cable services do not work.

Wi-Fi :

Wi-Fi is a very popular technology that allows any device, such as a computer, to be connected to the network in wireless management and speeds up.  Computers, smartphones, etc. Wi-Fi devices can be connected to the network or the Internet via wireless access points or (WAP).  Connections are made in this management where it is difficult to connect the wires.  This system also works where there is a need for a mobile communication system.  Free Wi-Fi is provided at home, office, school, college, hotel, shopping mall, coffee shop, resort etc.

Data Transfer via Internet:

Have you ever wondered how information is transmitted from one computer to another in an instant? Let's see how a web page is transmitted.
  • Data is broken down into pieces of equal length into bits - called packets.
  • Each packet has a header attached with the name of the recipient and sender.
  • Each packet is sent to each computer so that it can find the right sender.  Each computer decides which computer to send the packet to if it is not his.  So each packet is transported in a different way.
  • When the recipient receives the packet, he checks it.  If it is damaged, ask to send it again.  Thus all packets are received by the recipient.
  • Then all the packets are arranged in the correct order.  All this work is done in just a few seconds.

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