Now, with the same number of accounts in the same number with the same number, you have to copy chat history

Without WhatsApp , the present generation life is stagnant. WhatsApp  appeared with regular new features to maintain his popularity. Once again, WhatsApp has appeared with a new feature once again. Now the same number of accounts can be opened on multiple devices. Currently WhatsApp users can use their WhatsApp account on a device at a time.

The first one is logged out automatically with you login to another device. But it will not be in the new feature. At the same time, you can open the same number at the same number on 4 devices. For some time, the users were sorry for this feature. This feature name is Multipel Device Support WhatsApp According to the information provided by WabetainFO, WhatsApp has worked on bringing a new interface to the Android App and iOS for multiple device features.

It has been said that when a user wants to use WhatsApp on any other device, you have to copy chat history. There may be a lot of data pack costs while copying chat data, so WiFi needs connection. Once the WiFi became connect, the processes will start from yourself. Whatsapp is Working To Sync The Chat History Across Platforms! The Feature To Use The Same WhatsApp Account on Multiple Devices Will Allow To Sync Your Chat History.

Wabetainfo (@WabetainFo) August 9, 2020 You can easily use this device when the WhatsApp chat history is copied to the second device. Then all the messages will come to all devices. This means that every platform will be synced to your chat history and when you remove a device, then the encryption of what will change. If you have a security notification on the encyclion key, encoded will come to each device after changing the Encryption key.

WABetaInfo says that WhatsApp desktop has been used for testing here, but in the second mobile divas will also work in the next day. It may also be that the remaining devices of WhatsApp allow the user to be associated with the original device. If you use this feature, your device's internet connection will not be required for WhatsApp Desktop.


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