The Apple I Phone 12 is not any doubt getting to be one among the most important phone launches of 2020.

When it finally arrives – and we've been busy analysing all the incoming iPhone 12 leaks and rumours in order that we're also informed as we will be before the launch event.

The launch of the iPhone 12 are going to be delayed in an unprecedented turn of events in Apple’s history. there's enough evidence to back the claim that 2020 is a unprecedented year and now the move by Apple to delay the iPhone 12 that was scheduled to be launched in early September like all other years within the past, only confirms it. the choice was made public by the Apple CFO, Luca Maestri within the company’s quarterly earnings release.

However, Maestri didn't reveal the important reason behind the delay but a Wall Street Journal report earlier this month had suggested that the coronavirus pandemic has badly affected the availability chains, thereby disrupting Apple’s plan for production of iPhone 12.

The delay of a worldwide 5G flagship phone launch” for its fourth-quarter projections.

Meanwhile, Apple has shown signs of shrugging off the coronavirus crisis and therefore the subsequent slump within the global economy. The Puerto-headquartered company has reported a big rise in revenue within the half-moon that ended on June 27.

The company reported quarterly revenue of $59.7 billion, a jump by 11 percent from the revenue generated within the corresponding quarter last year. A majority of these revenues were thanks to the international sales of iPads, Macbook because the coronavirus pandemic has forced firms across the planet to choose work from home for his or her employees.

New iPhones traditionally happen every September like clockwork, but factory disruptions have put the iPhone 12 launch date into an entire load of doubt this year.

Rumours are swaying this manner which when it involves the question of whether the iPhone 12 phones are going to be call at September. Apple could be planning an enormous unveiling for November instead, consistent with one leak, while another rumour says September remains the month (though on-sale dates could be a touch later). yet one more leak says October, so take your pick.

This is a mixture of production delays thanks to the worldwide health crisis and Apple not eager to launch the phone until its fanbase is prepared , and not as distracted by the state of the planet as we all know it changing thanks to the pandemic.

Rumours are calling them the iPhone 12 (5.4"), the iPhone 12 Max (6.1"), the iPhone 12 Pro (6.1") and therefore the iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7"). We're expecting all of the 2020 iPhones to possess an equivalent Apple processor inside though.

With the new iPhone SE for 2020 now on sale, the delay with iPhone 12 won't be the primary time for Apple because the iPhone X and iPhone XR were also delayed in arrival for the sale albeit they were launched in September month which has been a typical time for an iPhone release.

Meanwhile on Twitter, one tipster claims that the phones will start at $699 and go all the high to $1,449 – we propose that if you're within the marketplace for an iPhone 12, you begin saving sooner instead of later.

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