About us

My slef  Rohit Ghosh(Hitro) and I am the chief blogger at  techitro.com and where I like to share my internet/tech experience with my online readers on this website. I have ventured into different online businesses like offering SEO Services, website development services, web hosting & business consultation.

I started this blog on Jun 06 though I had started blogging in the year 2019 by writing on multiple blogs eventually they didn’t succeed, I then started working seriously on this blog though it got.

How it Started:

I started my online ventures from the year 2019 and now after 1 years.

My Hobbies :

I pass my time surfing the web in search of different exciting things and also watch a lot of movies which includes Hollywood & Bollywood movies. 

I’m a great fan of photography but I don’t get the time to learn it and become a Software engineer
Thank you for visit Technical Hitro😁